As the Chief Estimator of Tru-Val Electric Corp, Matthew Inglima is responsible for hand selecting projects that him and his team will breakdown, price accurately and efficiently. Matts department strives to secure profitable work through accurate electrical estimates and excellent customer service. He is surrounded by a team he has built himself that is utilized for day-to-day operations, Each team member plays a pivotal roll in assisting the success of every project.

Matthew has been in the Electrical Estimating field for 15 years spending over half as Chief Estimator all while growing and adapting to this quickly changing industry. Matt joined the Tru-Val Electric family in 2018 as Chief Estimator and has expanded his own knowledge of the business s well as enhance the quality and quantity of what his estimating department is able to produce through leadership, staffing, software and time management.

In Matthew's spare time he enjoys teaching his kids to roller blade, play hockey, and table tennis amongst many other sports. Being born and raised in New Jersey.  His family enjoys trips to local water & amusement parks, historical sights, and hiking trails. Tru-Val being his extended family he organizes basketball & table tennis games amongst coworkers, nothing like a little office competition.