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Chris joined Tr-Val Electric in 1991 as a Apprentice for his father Michael Totaro and partner Bill Wiener.  In 1995 he purchased 50% of the company after the untimely passing of his father Michael Totaro.  In 2000 (Age of 27) he was 100% owner of Tru-Val Electrical Corporation.  Using the knowledge and values that were instilled in him by his father.  He stood by his core values and roots to further grow Tru-Val Electric corp, into doing over $1 Billion in sales since he became full owner. 

Personal Life

Chris and his beautiful wife Kristen have 3 kids who enjoy spending their summers at the Jersey Shore. He is active in his community and enjoys playing Golf and Cooking from time to time.

"No matter how big you get, Keep it small"

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