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Tru-Val Electric
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Almost 6 decades of the Finest and Most Trustworthy Electrical Contracting Serving New York and New Jersey. 

Tru-Val is one of the largest and most successful electrical contractors in the northeast, since 1997 we have successfully completed $1 Billion dollars in Electrical Contracting work. 


We have built our reputation through maintaining a staff of professionals dedicated to the success of their clients providing both public and private work. For 60 years, Tru-Val has provided all phases of electrical and communication installations.We have also done large amounts of Design Build installations, providing customers with valued engineered savings giving them the project they want at the right price. At Tru-Val we continue to integrated “Green Technology” into many of our projects particularly public projects including schools and utility authorities. Over the years we have successfully implemented "Green Technology" into all of our job sites. 


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